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Thank YOU, Little KOMers!

This YouTubing malarkey has been an incredible journey in these first few months - and I hope there's more of it to come!  We have been blown away by people's support; to friends new and old, a heartfelt thank you!


If you are enjoying the vids, YOU can help us to make more! We've included below a load of different  ways you can support this strange and wonderful journey we're on, and most of them won't cost you a penny!

Free Ways to Support

Top FREE ways to support

  1. SUBSCRIBE to the channel! It's so easy - hit the subscribe button and click the bell, so you'll be notified of all the new vids when they come out.

  2. JOIN us for the PREMIERE! Usually Sunday nights at 8 pm (UK time), and join the LIVE CHAT so we can say hi!

  3. LIKE and COMMENT on the vids! Even if you've been in the chat, still leave a comment please, YouTube LOVES likes and comments!

  4. SHARE the vids with your friends on your social media ;-)

Shopping Online

Shopping online...

If you are shopping online at Wiggle (or even Curry's) you can support KOM Hunt TV!


Simply go to the shopping site you want to use via the links provided here, and a small commission will be paid to KOM Hunt TV. Literally, all you have to do is click a button - it really is that easy! (Just make sure you click the link here before you starting shopping!)


Rest assured, it's all anonymous - we aren't advised who bought what or how much anyone spent, we just get some pennies put into our account from the store - and it doesn't cost you anything extra!


If everyone we know uses these links to buy their stuff, it would be AWESOME! Thank you.

Currys logo.png
Book a Holiday

Book a holiday to Exmoor

Are you are planning a trip to Minehead or Exmoor? Or perhaps you have family or friends wanting to come and visit?


If you, or someone you know is looking for a holiday cottage around the Exmoor area, you can click on this link (or on the banner) to view a lovely selection of self-catering cottages in Minehead and around Exmoor.


The Best of Exmoor is a local, independent, booking agent with a great selection of cottages on offer in this area.


This is an affiliate link, which means KOM Hunt TV may receive a small commission from the company, at NO additional cost to you.


Another great way to support the channel! 

Become a Patreon

If you want more KOMing, another way to support the channel is by donating cold, hard, cash. Becoming a Patreon will cost you actual money (unlike the above ways of supporting, which are free!)


Please do NOT feel obliged, we love making the vids and hope they make you smile. We are not asking for your money, but if you REALLY want to, this option is available and this will allow us to continue pumping out great content for you!

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Become a Patreon
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