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Become a PATREON

to KOM Hunt TV

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform. It provides the facility for us to earn a monthly income from donations, and in return we can share exclusive videos or early release items, with you, our lovely Little KOMers!


What's in it for you? Well, in addition to the exclusive vids and early access, you will become part of our exclusive KOM Hunt TV Patreon KOMunity.

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What does it pay for?

Basically, any money that we can earn from the channel will enable us to make more KOM Hunt TV episodes. We'll always try to hit the Sunday 8pm YouTube Premiere weekly spot, but to give you an idea of the process..... not including the few hours of cycling/filming required, one 20 minute KOM Hunt episode, takes on average 9 to 12 hours to edit. AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU MORE CONTENT (somehow)!


I've launched a second "behind the scenes" channel to give you an extra insight into what goes in to creating a new YouTube channel and to follow the growth... if it grows :-)  But we can only make it possible with your support.


PLEASE DON'T GIVE if you can't afford it. You can help so much by using the shopping links AND giving the YouTube vids a like and a comment AND sharing them on social media. More info about this on our Support page


How to join

Again, please do not feel under any obligation to sign up to Patreon!  Believe it or not, we've had lots of people asking how they can support the channel. So now you can.


There are 3 different levels of membership, starting from £3 per month. The payment is taken on the 1st of every month, even if you sign up on 31st of the previous month (sorry, it wasn't very clear when I was setting it up!), so to save two payments in quick succession, sign up near the start of the month!


Thank you Little KOMers and KEEP KOMing!!

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