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Funnily enough, some people are interested in the actual cycling bits and wanted to see more of the segments with the power overlays. I needed a place to upload these longer sections, as only a small and condensed version is generally used in the main vids.


On the KOMrides channel, the vids are uploaded in real time (none of this fast-forward nonsense!) so you can watch my suffering in it's full un-edited glory, usually with music or voice over, so you do not have to listen to all my puffing!  


I didn't think these segments were well-placed on either of the other two channels, so welcome to my third channel!

I also use this channel to live-stream some of my Zwift sessions, so if you subscribe and 'hit the bell' on YouTube, you'll get a notification when I'm going to be Zwifting, come along for the ride!

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KOM Rides is a place for all of the KOM HUNT TV ride and Strava segment footage to live!  I use a GoPro for this filming and there's quite a bit of work that goes into doing the power and speed overlays. In the KOM Hunt TV vids, this footage is then cropped, edited and sped up, which makes it funnier and more appropriate for those vids, but it's a bit heartbreaking for me, when I've spent AGES working on it! 


To my delight,  some of you are actually interested in the cycling bits and want to see the full effort. So, because I've already done the vast majority of the work towards, I'm really happy to be able to share them with you here.


This channel will be just PURE actual cycling footage, mainly from Exmoor, Somerset, UK., and sometimes livestreams from Zwift!  Unless I get to go somewhere different/new/exciting .... stay tuned in to find out!