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Countisbury Hill Climb

Countisbury Hill (A39)

There are few climbs (or descents) with more picturesque views than those from Countisbury Hill. This section of the A39 offers a coastal panorama as the road clings to the hill's edge along the spectacular North Devon coastline.

Countisbury Hill ascent from Lynmouth up to the top features in Simon Warren's Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, at number 110.

From Minehead, we often descend Countisbury into Lynmouth from Porlock direction, but either way, it's definitely worth a stop at the top for a quick picture!

From the bottom, the steepest section of the hill is first at approx 1 in 4 (25%). It's also the narrowest and darkest part, under the cover of the trees, so if you are descending, remember to save some brake power and energy for this last bit, where there is also more likely pedestrians crossing the road and traffic slowing to pass each other.


Once you're out into the open section, you'll be able to see the hill stretch out in front of you, although the summit won't quite be in you view from there. The gradient averages just over 9%, with a steeper section at the top to finish the climb. 


Strava Segment

Countisbury Hill ascent from Lynmouth up to the top features in Simon Warren's "Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs", at number 110.

The descent of Countisbury Hill is marked as hazardous on Strava, so please TAKE CARE if you're taking this route.

Countisbury Hill Strava Segment Official Climb No 110

Watch me...

Listen to Coach and Bullet discuss the perils Countisbury Hill descent. 

Then watch them ride it (before attempting the 7 mile hill from Lynmouth)...

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